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Hayabusa Wrm959 Hook Heavy Duty Ewg

Hayabusa Wrm959 Hook Heavy Duty Ewg


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The WRM 959 Wide Gap Offset Heavy Duty fishing hook exemplifies all the correct characteristics found in a multi-purpose, highly durable fishing hook.  Each hook has additional gauge thicknessNRB fluorine coating (smooth penetrating hooksets), an S-platform on the hook’s head for holding soft plastics, more gap space for soft plastics to collapse upon hookset, and an exceptional forged wire design.  Hayabusa Fishing designated this product series as the true Heavy Duty, Heavy Lifting bass fishing hook when exploring dense cover and/or when catching big largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and/or spotted bass.  Anglers can trust the WRM 959 Wide Gap Offset Heavy Duty for haulin’ big bass into the boat!