Hha Bow Sight Optimizer Lite 1-Pin .029 Blck Left Hand

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SKU: HOL3000
The OL-300 is an entry level adjustable 1-pin sight that is perfect for a beginning archer or someone looking to experiment with an adjustable archery sight. 2 feet of fiber optic and a yellow reference ring make this sight great in low light conditions. This sight includes nylon sight tape that allows you to have reference points for multiple ranges and has a lock down feature which allows you to lock the sight in any position.

Technical Information:

  •     Number of Pins: 1
  •     Pin Diameter: .029"
  •     Pin Color: green
  •     Aperture Diameter: 1 5/8"
  •     Sight Material: aluminum
  •     Color: black
  •     Light Included: no
  •     Right or Left Hand: right hand
  •     Detachable Bracket: no
  •     Sight Level: yes