HME Reflective Tacks - Reflective Wing Tack - White

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Available in Orange, Brown and White Larger grip area for easy placement Easiest to use/most reflective tack on the market.


The all new Reflective Wing Tack has multiple features that conventional flat tacks just don't offer. We designed our tack to have a larger grip area so they can be more easily placed or removed. Another great feature is that the reflective wraps around both sides of the tack allowing the hunter to see the reflective whether they are entering or exiting there tree stand. In other words they only need to place half the amount they would if using a flat-faced tack. The last and possibly the most important feature is the reflective material. We have sourced one of the most reflective adhesive material available. This feature will allow the user to space them farther apart and still be able to easily locate their tree stand in the dark and they are still visible by flashlight in cloudy or overcast daytime conditions. 25 per package and includes a convenient attached hinge lid container for easy transport.