Hooyman 5' Extendible Tree Saw

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The Hooyman Tree Saw is ideal for pruning medium to large trees. The Hooyman Saw is made out of premium high-carbon steel. Its MegaBite blade features a special 4-edge tooth design that can cut through a variety of wood types. Attach the Hooyman Saw to the extension handle to reach higher branches. This extendable saw features telescopic extension arms that lock together. The arms of the extendable saw are made out of aircraft-grade aluminum that is built into a durable I-beam configuration. This Hooyman Tree Saw is lightweight and sturdy, eliminating the downward flex that you can experience with traditional pole saws. The Hooyman Saw is a smart tool choice for both beginning and avid landscapers.

  • Designed to work like other folding saws, only better
  • Made of premium high-carbon steel
  • MegaBite blade features a special 4-edge tooth design that cuts better than any folding saw you've ever used
  • Attach it to the extension handle, and it turns into an extendable saw
  • Each section of the telescopic extension arm locks down individually, creating an incredibly sturdy extended saw
  • Arms are constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum in a super-strong I-beam configuration
  • Lightweight, sturdy, strong and eliminates the downward flex you get with traditional pole saws