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Since Humdinger Lures first hit the shelves in 1983, they have been a coveted secret for anglers of all levels. The Humdinger Buzzbait is proof-in-point as to why these high-quality lures have been deemed classified by so many professionals. Great for stained waters and river systems, the Humdinger Buzzbaits feature a premium delta-blade that creates lift and causes it to quickly rise to the surface. Once the Humdinger Buzzbait gets on plane, each rotation of the blade creates an attractive sputtering disturbance and causes the old-school rubber skirting to pulsate with a lively wiggling action. Unlike most of the silicone skirts used today, the flat-rubber skirting on the Humdinger Buzzbait won’t clump and lose its action when the temperatures begin to drop. Fish it one time and you will see why the Humdinger Buzzbait keeps bass mouths open and angler’s mouths shut.The BOOYAH Buzz is made with premium hard-coat paint, extra large 3D red eyes and flared red gills that illicit vicious strikes. The BOOYAH Buzz Bait planes quickly and runs true out of the package, but it’s the clacker and streamlined design that makes this the top buzzbait in the industry. The 55-strand Bio-Flex silicone skirt and a 5/0 Mustad Ultra Point hook seal the deal.

  • Constructed with premium Mustad hooks and quality components 
  • "Clacker" blade provides additional fish attracting vibration
  • Chartreuse/White
  • Chartreuse
  • White
  • Several sizes to fit your fishing situation
  • Multiple color patterns
  • 55-strand silicone skirt
  • Red, 3D eyes and gill plate.