Hyperplastics Nat' Shrimp - Sinking

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Patrick Sébile is one of the most accomplished anglers in the history of the world! He is also an unparalleled, award-winning designer of innovative fishing lures, rods, reels and other fishing gear. Patrick has been inventing and creating fishing products since age 8 (1976). His creations have won 24 major industry awards (USA, Europe and Australia) and have sold tens of millions of units, worldwide.

Hyperplastic Nat Shrimp, which offers the most realistic shrimp action of any lure ever devised. The Sinking version rests on the bottom like a bona fide shrimp and can be popped to emulate fleeing action. The Floating model rides high in the water to mimic a panicked bait.

  • 4"
  • 2 Per Pack