Klone 14" Power Line Lizard

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SKU: SPO212-030

The granddaddy of all lizards, the Klone 14” Power Line Lizard is perfect for anglers who are trying to target trophy-class fish. The Klone Power Line Lizard is also poured from an ultra-soft material and features multiple appendages along with an extra long ribbon tail that absolutely comes to life in the water, even with very small twitches from the rod.

Ideal for a variety of applications, the Klone Power Line Lizard is deadly on deep water structure and ledges when rigged on a Carolina-rig or shaky head. It is also extremely effective around shallow water vegetation and cover on a Texas-rig. When you want to target a higher quality fish, the Klone Power Line Lizard provides plus-sized attraction.

  • 14" 
  • 8 Pack