Klone Crawsome

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Designed by professional angler and television host Timmy Horton, the Klone 4” Crawsome delivers proven performance that catches big tournament-winning sized bass. Molded with uniquely shaped arms, the Klone Crawsome’s claws separate as they move through the water and produce a more pronounced flapping action than most other craw style baits. The Klone Crawsome also features a thick body that provides a big target for fish to hone in on and enough meat to hold a large flipping hook. Multiple side appendages produce subtle lifelike movements that get even the most finicky of fish to bite as well. The lure is also segmented, which allows it to be shortened to an exact location to be used as a jig trailer.

Perfect for a variety of applications, the Klone Crawsome excels in flipping and pitching heavy cover, but also works equally well as a jig trailer, on a Carolina-rig, or on a magnum shaky head. Crawsomes are offered in a variety of Timmy’s favorite colors.

 The Klone Crawsome in Black Blue Swirl, and Black/Red/Copper is what Timmy Horton used to catch all of his fish and win the 2017 Elite Series Tournament on Lake Okeechobee. 

  • 4" 
  • 6 Pack