Klone KJ Craw

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Designed by Major League Fishing pro, Kelly “Big Fish” Jordan, the Klone 4.5” KJ Craw combines the actions of two deadly baits into one. Molded with a classic tube body shape and two craw appendages, the Klone KJ Craw generates multiple erratic movements and produces a tremendous vibration that fish find irresistible. This combination gives anglers the best attributes of a tube and a craw bait.

Extremely versatile, the Klone KJ Craw can be used for flipping and pitching on a Texas-rig, but also works great as a jig trailer, on a Carolina-rig, and on a wobble head. Offered in multiple bass-catching colors, the Klone KJ Craw will take the place of several other soft plastic baits in your tackle box.

  • 4.5"
  • 6 Pack