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L&S Heavy Dine Sinking 2-5/8" 7/16Oz Red-Head

L&S Heavy Dine Sinking 2-5/8" 7/16Oz Red-Head


Mirrolure / L&S Bait

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This heavier version of the Mirrodine , casts great, and has a sink rate that is the same as our famous 52M series. Features bright, reflective, luminescent inserts, "fish calling" rattles and natural 3-D eyes to enhance their realism, plus extra strong hooks. With a twitching retrieve, these baits dart from side-to-side, mimicking a wounded bait fish. Trout, Red fish, Snook, Striped Bass and Tarpon find the Mirrodines to be irresistible.
  • Red-Head
  • Green Back/White Belly
  • Black Back/White Belly
  • Bayou Green/White
  • Black/Orange/Gold
  • Bone/Orange/Silver
  • Chartreuse/Pearl/Silver
  • Chartreuse Back & Belly
  • Electric Blue
  • Electric Chicken
  • Silver Clear