Lew's KVD Series Bass Rods

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KVD series feature premium IM8 graphite blanks, split-grip EVA handles, brand new Lew’s® proprietary Full Contact reel seats with increased blank contact, rear locking reel seat on spinning models for improved comfort, stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts with strengthened stainless steel with zirconia insert tip top for optimal durability for use with braided lines and a patented “No Foul” hook keeper. Rods are constructed on a raw graphite blank with the rich midnight fire red finish through the handle and black guide wraps, matching the famous KVD color scheme. 

"I designed my new Lew's KVD series with meticulous detail to the exact specific actions, rod and handle lengths, features, and quality components that I demand for competition level equipment. At this price you will be amazed when you put one in your hands."

  • Premium IM8 graphite blank in GC and GS models
  • Premium IM8 graphite/glass composite blank in CC models
  • Stainless steel guides, aluminum oxide inserts, and Zirconia insert tip tops
  • Lew’s® proprietary Full Contact reel seats with increased blank contact on casting models
  • Rear locking reel seat on spinning models 
  • EVA split grip handles
  • Patented "No Foul" hook keeper


Graphite Casting 
Jerkbait LKVDGC1 MH F 6'8" 12–25 3/8–3/4 8+TIP  
Jerkbait LKVDGC2 MH F 6'10" 12–25 3/8–3/4 8+TIP  
All Purpose Reaction LKVDGC3 M F 7'0" 10–20 3/16–1/2 8+TIP  
All Purpose Reaction LKVDGC4 MH F 7'0" 10–30 1/4–2 8+TIP  
Dock Skipping/Frog LKVDGC5 MH XF 7'2" 10–30 1/4–2 9+TIP  
Spinnerbait/Swim Jig/Topwater LKVDGC6 MH XF 7'4" 15–30 1/2–2 9+TIP  
Flipping/Pitching LKVDGC7 H XF 7'4" 15–30 3/8–1 10+TIP  
Fb Jig/Car. Rig/Big Spinnerbait LKVDGC8 H XF 7'6" 15–30 1/2–1 1/2 10+TIP  
Flipping/Pitching LKVDGC9 XH XF 7'6" 15–30 1/2–3 10+TIP  
Flipping/Pitching LKVDGC10 H XF 7'10" 15–30 1/2–1 1/2 10+TIP  
Graphite Spinning 
Dropshot/Finesse Dock LKVDGS1 M XF 6'10" 6–14 1/4–1/2 8+TIP  
Dropshot/Ned Rig LKVDGS2 ML XF 7'0" 6–14 1/8–3/8 8+TIP  
All Purpose Finesse LKVDGS3 M XF 7'0" 8–20 1/4–3/4 8+TIP  
All Purpose/Dock Rod LKVDGS4 ML XF 7'2" 6–14 1/8–3/8 8+TIP  
Shakey Head/Tube LKVDGS5 M XF 7'2" 8–20 1/4–3/4 8+TIP  
Smallmouth Special LKVDGS6 M XF 7'4" 8–20 1/4–3/4 8+TIP  
Smallmouth Special LKVDGS7 ML XF 7'6" 6–14 1/8–3/8 8+TIP  
Composite Casting
Small Crankbaits LKVDCC1 ML M 6'8" 8–12 1/4–5/16 9+TIP  
Squarebill/Red Eye Shad LKVDCC2 M M 7'0" 10–17 1/4–3/8 9+TIP  
Accuracy Bladed Jig/KVD 2.5 LKVDCC3 MH M 7'1" 12–20 1/4–1/2 9+TIP  
Medium Crankbaits LKVDCC4 MH M 7'4" 12–20 1/4–1/2 9+TIP  
Open Water Bladed Jig/KVD 2.5 LKVDCC5 H M 7'4" 12–30 1/2–2 9+TIP  
Medium To Deep Crankbaits LKVDCC6 M M 7'10" 10–17 1/4–3/8 9+TIP