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Lowrance GBSA-1 Swivel Mount Adapter F- GB-8

Lowrance GBSA-1 Swivel Mount Adapter F- GB-8



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Gimbal bracket swivel adapter.

Works with: Accumap, Cuda 168 EX, Fish I.D. 128, FishEasy 250 DS, FishElite 480, FishElite 502C iGPS, FishElite 642C iGPS, FishMark 640C, GlobalMap 3500C, GlobalMap 3600C iGPS, GlobalMap 4800, GlobalMap 5200C, GlobalMap 5300C iGPS, IntelliMap 320, IntelliMap 502C iGPS, IntelliMap 642C iGPS, LCG-2400, LMS-160 Map, LMS-332C, LMS-337C DF, LMS-339C DF iGPS, LMS-480, LMS-520C, LMS-525C DF, LMS-527C DF iGPS, Magna III, Magna III Plus, MagnaView, MagnaView Plus, Optima, SeaCharter 640C DF, SeaCharter 642C DF iGPS, SeaFinder 250DF, SeaFinder 320DF, SeaFinder 640C DF, SeaView 1200, SeaView 1600, SeaView 600, SeaView 800, Strata 128, StrataView 128, SupraPro I.D., Ultra Classic, UltraMap, X102C, X107C DF, X125, X126DF, X135, X136DF, X-22A, X-25A, X-25B, X-45, X47EX, X-48, X-510C, X-515C DF, X-65, X-75, X-85, X-86 DS, X96