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Lowrance NAC-1 Hydraulic Pack Incudes PUMP1 And RC42

Lowrance NAC-1 Hydraulic Pack Incudes PUMP1 And RC42



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Lowrance NAC-1 Outboard Hydraulic Pack

Model: 000-11750-001
UPC: 9420024134337
  • Easy to install system pack, hydraulic connectors and hoses all included
  • Dash-mount button for one-touch Auto/Standby activation
  • Steer to Heading, Course or Route
  • Automatic Turn Patters
  • NAC-1 Plug & Socket connectors reduce the installation time
  • High efficiency, super-quiet 0.8L hydraulic gear pump
Water proofing IPX5
Max drive output 8 amps continuos, 16 amps peak
Network 1 - MicroC
Feedback Variable voltage from HELM -1 drive unit
Drive outpout To PUMP-1 or HELM-1
Input Voltage 12v

What's in the Box:
  • NAC-1 Computer
  • RC42N compass
  • NMEA2000 4 Way joiner
  • N2KEXT-2RD 2' NMEA2000 cable
  • N2KEXT-6RD 6' NMEA2000 cable
  • N2KEXT-15RD 15' NMEA2000 cable
  • TR-120-KIT - Set of 1 male and 1 female NMEA 2000® terminators
  • MICRO-C Power cable only
  • PUMP-1 Fittign kit
  • PUMP-1 for outboard