Luck-E-Strike Twitch 6"

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Key player in the Luck-E-Strike Live Motion series, the Luck-E-Strike Luck-E-Twitch delivers a lifelike baitfish imitation that darts and glides just like the real deal. Constructed with a slot along the belly, the Luck-E-Strike Luck-E-Twitch provides a streamlined profile with a Texas-rig, so it can be worked through sparse grass and snaggy terrain with ease.  

Perfect as an oversized trailer as well, the Luck-E-Strike Luck-E-Twitch features a forked tail that generates an erratic flickering action at all speeds. Offered in a number of perfectly pigmented colors, the Luck-E-Strike Luck-E-Twitch delivers a dead-on baitfish imitation that excels wherever you wet a line.

6" 5 Pack Green Pumpkin