Lucky Craft Fat CB BDS 3 Crankbait

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Lucky Craft's new Fat CB is a non-rattle with our "air floating concept". Thanks to optimized buoyancy made possible through the use of an intricate internal structure, this plastic crankbait behaves like a balsa wood lure and delivers outstanding obstacle deflection. The lip design and hook positions are specifically designed to come through the thickest of cover. Also, the weight of this lure is intentionally fixed for quick recovery, after the bait hits an object to come back to the center of the retrieve. In addition, the Fat CB is crafted larger, creating a wide wobble and rolling action to attract fish in a wide spread area.

FAT CB BDS are the only ABS plastic crankbaits on the market that faithfully reproduce the swimming qualities of a balsa crankbait. For this, FAT CB BDS have been designed to have a density and buoyancy similar to that of a balsa lure. The buoyancy of a crankbait is the key feature that gives it the incredible ability to pass through obstacles. In certain fishing situations, and particularly when looking for dead cranking, a crankbait must have the ability to avoid obstacles while offering the possibility of being recovered in a slow and fast way without never "pick up". FAT CB BDS will show you their effectiveness in mastering cover cranking !!

  • Length: 3"
  • Weight: 1/2 oz
  • Depth: 3-4ft
  • Type: FLOATING
  • Hook Size: VMC #2, #2