Lucky Craft Screw Pointer 80 Spy Bait

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The Lucky Craft Screw Pointer 80/90 is a modified Pointer-style jerkbait with small metal propellers attached to front and rear of the lure. Built for the Japanese hard lure finesse approach known as spybaiting (aka silent capture), the Screw Pointer approaches bass with a subtle, rhythmic turbulence and light flash that lures suspended fish into reacting. This unique action, in addition to its slow-sinking buoyancy, is particularly effective in catching pre-spawn bass or schooling smallmouth. The compact body also allows the lure to be cast extra-long distances.



  • 3 1/4" & weighs 7/16 oz. 
  • The Lucky Craft Screw Pointer 80 is a Pointer-sytle jerkbait modified with props for spybaiting.
  • Unique water movement made by the prop (aka screw) on the body.
  • Constructed with a compact body to allow long-distance casting, slow-sinking, and rolling action.
  • Pre-rigged with VMC treble hooks.