Marine Metal Aerator Super Saver 12-volt Aeration Kit

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12 volt bilge pump and aerator kit. Fills,. aerates and empties any livewell. Adjusts to any size insulated chest,. livewell or container. Mounts with suction. cups or screws. Pumps water in,. out and aerates at 500 GPH. New certified. non-toxic Fish Foam filter- no retardants,. no germicides, no esters. Two. spray heads to fit both round and rectangular. livewells. Low current draws. 1.75 amps. Flexible aerator head and. pump mount allow livewell to be emptied and refilled from. fresh water supply. Can be used as an emergency bilge. pump. Kit includes bilge pump, 10 ft. cord, copper battery. clips, two aeration spray heads and mounting brackets, 5 ft. flexible tubing, Fish Foam filter, stainless steel screws and. suction cups for mounting. Marine UL listed.