Mid Lakes Tangle-Less Net 30" Handle 20"X24"

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Small mesh netting. Super strong coating. Shallow bag. Netting is bonded to the hoop. Knot less nylon netting. Spook- Stopper black bows. Stainless steel screws and springs.

Super- Strong coated mesh. Bonded net. Flat net bottom. Shallow bag and small mesh. Knot less nylon netting. Solid aluminum connector block. Stainless steel screws and springs. 20” x 24” bow size.

  • 30" Handle 20"X24"
  • 30" Sliding Handle 20"X24"
  • 48" Sliding Handle Aluminum 20"X24"
  • 48" Sliding Handle Fiberglass 20"X24"
  • 36" Sliding Handle 22"X27"