Moultrie Deer Feeder Unlimited Tripod 30 Gallon

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Features our NXT Hunter Feeder Kit with adjustable funnel, cake-free spinner plate, and BackSpin™ technology for smooth operation. Easy Set™ digital timer on extendable cord provides hassle-free scheduling of up to six daily feed times. Electric varmint guard uses our low-drain circuitry. Connects to 30-gallon hopper using Quick-Lock system. Requires one 6-volt battery, not included.

  • BackSpin™ senses a clog and momentarily reverses spin to bust it up
  • Cake-free spinner plate design for consistent feed casting
  • Adjustable funnel for optimized flow with multiple feed types
  • Electric varmint guard with safety switch and low-drain circuitry
  • Easy Set™ programmable digital timer on extendable cord
  • Uses Quick-Lock system to connect 30-gallon hopper
  • Requires one 6-volt battery, not included

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