Moultrie Digital Game Camera A-30I

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SKU: MCG13202
The Moultrie A-30i Game Camera comes with 12 MP resolution and a trigger speed of just 0.7 seconds. The infrared flash covers the entire detection range. This fully featured trail cam offers multi-shot, time-lapse, and hybrid modes with passive triggering and time lapse.

The camera features reduced motion blur for clearer night time images. It's 32-LED array produces nighttime infrared flash that will illuminate subjects up to 60 feet away.

A-30i Camera Features:

    Resolution: 12.0 MP
    Trigger Speed: Less Than 0.7 Seconds
    HD video: 720p
    LCD Screen
    Nighttime Invisible 32-LED Flash (940nm)
    Flash Range 60'
    Multishot, Time-lapse, Hybrid Modes
    Aspect Ratio: 16:9
    Photo & Video Resolution:
    - Low: 1920x1080
    - High: 4608x2592
    - HD: 15 Seconds Video
    Rugged, Weatherproof Plastic Exterior
    Includes 72" Mounting Strap
    Supports Up To: 32GB SD/SDHC Cards
    Operates on 8 AA Batteries or External Power
    Smokescreen Camouflage Case