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  • Cellular game camera sends trail camera images from the field to your smartphone and computer.
  • Operates on AT&T 4G network for the most reliable and trusted cellular service in the world.
  • 16MP images with vibrant, colorful daytime photos and bright, clear night images, 0.9 second trigger speed captures the fastest of game animals, while HD video reveals where they are coming from and going to. 
  • Save time and money with advanced features, such as changing all your camera settings remotely via your smartphone or computer — plus monitor battery life and signal strength.
  • 24/7 access to game-camera photos via the Moultrie Mobile app. Take your scouting game to the next level with image recognition automatically scanning your photos for bucks, does, turkeys, people and more!


Welcome to Moultrie Mobile, the most advanced cellular trail camera system in the world. The future is here, and it no longer requires long drives and gas money to manually pull SD cards from game cameras. With the XA-6000, you can now receive all of your trail camera images via the Moultrie Mobile app on your smartphone or computer.

How Does It Work?

The XA-6000 is a game camera and cellular modem in one unit. When wildlife walks in front of the camera, the PIR sensor detects the motion and triggers the camera to take a photo. The cellular modem portion of the camera then transmits the digital image via the AT&T 4G network to the Moultrie Mobile cloud-based server. Once uploaded to the server, the image is viewable on the free Moultrie Mobile app or by logging into your online account via a computer.

Image Size

The XA-6000 captures beautiful, crisp 16MP images (5376x3024). The high-resolution images are saved on a standard SD card, while a lower-resolution image is uploaded to the server. This allows you to use far less data by not transmitting the high-res version for every image. However, you can download a high-resolution version of any of your images for free. A high-res download only uses your data and never charges extra.

HD Video

The XA-6000 records in HD video (1280x720). While video does not transmit cellularly, it is saved on the SD card where you can pull the video anytime. 

Trigger Speed

The XA-6000 has a fast 0.9-second trigger speed to capture animals on the move!

Accurate, Brilliant Daytime Images

The XA-6000 captures brilliant daytime photos — no grainy, dull images here. Daytime photos are bright and depict true-to-life color from the field. You’ll think a wildlife photographer was taking the images instead of your Moultrie trail camera.

Crisp, Clear Night Images

Moultrie photos are some of the most clear and crisp trail camera photos in the industry. Thanks to the Illumi-Night Sensor, nighttime images are just as bright as clear as the daytime photos. With 24 extended-range LED bulbs, the XA-6000 has a 70-foot flash range to capture clear, crisp images at a distance, too.

Multiple Power Options

The XA-6000 operates on 12 AA batteries for an estimated 3 months of battery life. However, Moultrie offers a couple other power options to extend the camera’s battery life. The Camera Battery Box features a polymer housing with weather-tight seal. Inside is a rechargeable 12-volt battery that will greatly extend the camera’s life in the field. Another option is the Moultrie Game Camera PowerPanel. This solar panel will convert solar energy into electricity to power the camera.

Capture Mode

This trail camera offers several capture options. The first, will take one photo per motion trigger before the Detection Delay starts working. The second option allows the camera take 3-Triggered photos in a row if the PIR sensor continues to detect motion. The third setting will make the camera take 3-Burst photos in a row each time the camera is detects motion.

Detection Delay

To cut down on redundant images, the camera has Detection Delay with settings from 0 seconds to 30 minutes. In areas of high animal traffic, such as a feeder location, set the Detection Delay between :30 seconds to 1 minute to cut down on the number of images you receive of the same deer feeding.

Managed Memory

This function gives you piece of mind knowing that your SD card will not fill up. Once the SD card fills up, Managed Memory will delete the oldest image on the card to free up space for a new image to be recorded. This process will continue to happen until Managed Memory is turned off.

What’s In The Box?

An XA-6000 Cellular Game Camera

Heavy-duty camera strap (8-foot long by 1-inch wide)

Free Extended Warranty Card (3-year Warranty)

Moultrie Window Decal

Camera Dimensions:

8” (L) x 5” (W) x 3.5” (D)

Weight: 19 ounces

About Moultrie Mobile

Remotely Change Camera Settings

With the XA-6000, you can change your trail camera settings from your smartphone or computer. No more going to the field to manually change settings. You can format your SD card, alter the image upload frequency, adjust notification preferences, check battery life and more!

Trusted Cellular Coverage

The XA-6000 runs on the AT&T 4G cellular network. Wherever AT&T offers service, you can count on reliable cellular coverage to transmit your game camera images from the field to your smartphone. Check out AT&T’s coverage map to see if AT&T is the best option in your hunting area.

It Doesn’t Matter Who Your Cell Phone Carrier Is

With Moultrie Mobile, you purchase your monthly data plan directly through Moultrie each month. It doesn’t matter what carrier you use for your cell phone either. After setting up your image plan, your credit card or debit card will automatically be charged, so you don’t have to worry about paying a bill. The best part, you can cancel or activate your Moultrie Mobile camera anytime and there is never a cancellation or activation fee.

Most Advanced Trail Camera App

The free Moultrie Mobile app is the gateway into the Moultrie Mobile system. All of your trail camera images are sent via cellular signal to the Moultrie Mobile cloud-based server and then are available on your personal Moultrie Mobile account. From there you have 24/7 access to all of your images — which Moultrie will never delete. Inside the app you’ll find robust scouting features, such as filters that allow you to only see images that meet your specific search criteria. For example, if your running multiple Moultrie Mobile cams you can view images from individual cameras only, or search for images based on barometric pressure ranges, temperature ranges, dates, times and much more. Want to experience it for yourself? Download the app for free and test drive the demo.

Image Recognition

Image recognition is another reason why the Moultrie Mobile app is best in the industry. The image-recognition software automatically scans every trail-camera photo that uploads into the Moultrie Mobile account and applies a Smart Tag to each photo. This Smart Tag then allows the user to quickly and easily filter through images by searching for a specific tag, such as buck pictures only. Currently, Buck, Doe, Turkey, Person and Vehicles are automatically scanned for in every image. You can also set notifications based off of the Smart Tags so that you receive a push notification on your smartphone. For example, if a person or vehicle shows up in a photo you’ll be notified.