Mustad Ultra Point KVD Grip Pin Hook

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The Mustad Ultra Point KVD Grip-PIN Hooks feature a molded resin pin that securely anchors a wide range of baits to the hook for a \"no slip/no slide'' design. Features chemically sharpened Opti-Angled Needle Points, and a Nor-tempering process that makes a hook up to 30% stronger than other fish hooks. Molded resin pin securely anchors the bait to the hook Opti-Angle needle point Nor-tempered, 1X strong wire Precise point-to-eye angle.


  • Opti-Angle Needle point
  • chemically sharpened
  • nor-tempered
  • offset shank
  • Molded resin pin
  • Opti-Angle needle point
  • Nor-tempered, 1x strong wire