Muzzy Broadheads Trocar HB 100 Grain 4-Blade Hybrid

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The two, rearward-deploying, expandable blades of the Muzzy Trocar HB Broadhead are highly dependable and powerful enough to deliver massive entry wounds. Broadhead's compact profile offers a 3/4” x 1” in-flight diameter. Upon impact, the blades deploy to a massive 2-5/8” total cutting surface for killer wounds and easy-to-follow blood trails. Plus, the deployed head penetrates like a fixed blade by allowing the blades to close if heavy bone is contacted. Once these blades have passed bone, they reopen to continue shredding tissue and vitals. Built on a hard-hitting solid-steel ferrule and chisel tip for deep and deadly penetration.
Cutting dia: 1-5/8".
Wt: 100 gr.