Muzzy Broadheads Trocar Switch 100 Grain 3-Blade

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Adjustable cutting diameters, SWITCH the blades between 3 different cutting diameters without removing the blades 1,1 1/8, 1 1/4.Allows complete tuneability of the broadhead to your setup maximizing performance no matter the size of the game or shooter. .035 right helix blades. Trocar solid steel ferrule. Trocar tip.3 blades.100 grain. Quantity: Muzzy Trocar Switch 3 Blade 100Gr Broadhead Muzzy Trocar Switch Adjustable Cutting Diameter 3 Blade 100 Grain Steel Ferrule with Chisel Tip 100 grain Adjustable Blade Cutting Diameter 1 1 1/8 1 1/4 Offset Fixed Blades to induce spin 3 per pack Disclaimer: Availability subject to change without notice.

Muzzy Broadheads Trocar Switch 100Gr 3-Blade 3 Per Pack.