Netbait Paca Punch Craw 4" Watermelon Red

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The New NetBait Paca Punch was designed to imitate a fleeing craw fish. It has also been design for punching down into the thick cover. The thin, sleek profile of the body is the reasoning for being able to punch this through the weeds. It features two big claws that are about 2" in length and 5/8" wide. The slightest movement of your rod will make this bait create an action the fish can not resist. Either Texas rig or use as a jig trailer. Like all NetBait these are loaded with scent, salt and pork. 8 per pack.

  • 8Bg - Watermelon Red
  • 8Bg - Green Pumpkin
  • 8Bg - Black Neon
  • 8Bg - Black/Blue
  • 8Bg - Black Blue Flake
  • 8Bg - Watermelon Crawfish
  • 8Bg - Okeechobee Craw

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