New Archery Broadheads Kilzone Maxx 100 GRain 2 Blade 2 3/8"

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100 grain, 3 pack. 2 3/8" cutting diameter. Recommended for bows shooting 60-pound draw weights or greater. Designed for use out of compound bows up to 350 fps. Spring clip design - No 0-rings or rubber bands.

3 different heads: Cut-on-Contact, Trophy Tip and one made specially for the Deep Six Shaft. Each pack includes 1 free practice head. LOW KE bows under 60#. . Nap Killzone Maxx Coc 2 3/8 100Gr Broadhead Take your broadhead performance to the max with the Killzone Maxx from NAP. This broadhead is one of the most devastating mechanical broadheads available featuring a massive 2-3/8" cutting diameter. Utilizing NAP's spring clip design, the Killzone eliminates pre-mature blade deployment ensuring your broadhead will be ready to go when you are. Maximize the performance of your archery equipment with the Killzone Maxx.

Killzone 100Gr Maxx 2 Blade.