Nightstick Multi-function, Nstick Nsp4610b Led Headlamp Multi

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SKU: SSO20568
This non-rechargeable multi-function headlamp features a multi-position tilt head design and includes an elastic head strap with a non-slip lining.The top mounted dual switches provide high/low-brightness spotlight for distance illumination and white/red/green floodlight operation for illuminating objects that are close by.Power comes from 3 aaa batteries (included).

Material: Polymer
Type: Head Lamp
Output: 150/80/100/9/18 Lumens
Bulb Type: Cree LED
Oal: 1.80"
Weight: 3.70 oz
Battery: AAA
Color: Black
Rechargeable: No
Filter Color: Red/Clear/Green
Switch Type: Push Button