Nightstick Sticklight, Nstick Nsr9514xl Sticklight Duty Led Light

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SKU: SSO105142
The nsr 9514xl polymer multi-function duty/personal rechargeable led flashlight offers three microprocessor-controlled brightness modes as well as a strobe function.Utilizing a cree led, the 9514xl has an impressive runtime of 6.5 hours in full-brightness mode.The 650 lumen output in combination with the high efficiency deep parabolic reflector design throws a usable beam of light 325 meters.Made of glass filled nylon polymer with a non slip grip the flashlight has a two button design- single body switch and single tail switch (tandom functionality).Momentary or constant-on flashlight, high, medium, low brightness and strobe.Includes- anti-roll ring, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, ac power supply, dc power supply and charger.

Material: Polymer
Type: Rechargeable
Output: 850/200/50 Lumens
Bulb Type: LED
Body Diameter: 1.2"
Oal: 8.90"
Weight: 10.10 oz
Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion
Proofs: Water,Impact Resistant
Color: Black
Head Diameter: 1.60"
Rechargeable: Yes
Filter Color: White
Switch Type: Dual Body/Tail