Nightstick Tactical, Nstick Tac300bk01 Long Gun Light Kit

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SKU: SSO20581
The nightstick tactical long gun light kit provides everything necessary to add a high-power tactical light to any long gun that has a picatinny or weaver rail.At the heart of the kit is the nightstick tac-300b polymer tactical light rated at 180 lumens.Combined with a high-efficiency deep parabolic reflector, the beam on the tac-300b is distance rated at 190 meters perfect for long-distance target acquisitions.With a wide secondary halo of light, the tac-300b is equally effective in cqb situations.With its momentary on/off design, the remote pressure switch assures the operator of complete control over the full power of the light.The light is made from a glass-filled nylon polymer.This kit includes the tac-300b tactical light, the standard tail switch with momentary or constant-on functionality, the removable pocket clip, the remote pressure switch, the quad lock mount, the self-adhesive velcro strip, an alcohol pad for surface prep and two cr-123 lithium batteries.

Material: Polymer
Type: Flashlight
Output: 180 Lumens
Bulb Type: Cree LED
Oal: 6"
Weight: 6.30 oz
Battery: CR123A
Proofs: Waterproof
Color: Black
Rechargeable: No
Filter Color: White
Switch Type: Tailcap