Nylon Seine Twine Tarred Size 6 1/4Lb Spool

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Made from 100% DuPont nylon yarns, this Type AA twine is. resistant to abrasion, oil, gasoline, mildew, rot, marine. growth and most chemicals. Twine is stabilized with a special. heat treatment to insure the highest level of twist consistency,. with minimum amount of raveling, untwisting and kinking.

1/4Lb Spool For sale is a 63' spool of Catahoula #60 Tarred Twisted Twine, commonly known as Bank Line. Made from Type AA nylon seine twine, this black netcoat treated twine is resistant to abrasion, oil, gasoline, mildew, rot, marine growth, and most chemicals. Stiff and at times tacky from the treat, this twine has excellent knotting qualities. Uses for this twine include: bushcraft, trot line, decoy line, net making and mending, workshop, crafts, gardening, construction, and commercial applications.

Each 4 lb. spool contains approximately 568 linear feet with a 1,120 lb. breaking strength.
This twine is specially black treated and dried before it's put on the spool.
It has many advantages over twine treated by "spool dunking."
It is uniformly and deeply coated from one end to the other - no "zebra stripes" or tar globs to come off on your hands.


  • Size: #60Length per spool:
  • weight:63'Spool
  • Tensile Strength: Diameter: 116"Feet per pound: 255
  • Color: Black
  • 1/4Lb Spool