Owner Bucktail Shad Natural Shad

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SKU: O4142-086

Designed by BASS Elite Series angler, Kota Kiriyama, the Owner Bucktail Shad Jig offers a natural, ultra-fluid baitfish imitation that will keep a healthy bend in your rod. Hand-tied with a premium combination of flared bucktail and feather, the Owner Bucktail Shad Jig moves with a lifelike action, even with littler or no current.

Built with an outstanding blend of quality and detail, the Owner Bucktail Shad Jig features a precisely shaped head, premium finish, 3-D eyes, and a vertical line tie. Armed with a razor-sharp Owner hook, the Owner Bucktail Shad Jig marries traditional materials with professionally modified design, resulting in a top-of-the-line baitfish imitation.