Owner Treble Hook ST-36 Black Chrome

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Owner Stinger 36 Treble Hook, 16 These are ideal for both fresh and inshore saltwater - either as replacement hooks for smaller profile lures or as a "stinger" when bait fishing. Features include round bends, plus three straight Super Needle Points for wide-gap hooking efficiency.  Round bends Three straight super needle points for wide-gap hooking efficiency 8 per pack. The Owner Stinger Treble Hooks feature ultra-sharp conical points that will stick to whatever touches them, which means you will get better hooksets on any bass that bites.The corrosion resistant black chrome finish that will help keep the points sharp and the hook strong even after repeated use.

  • Size 6 - 8 Per Pack
  • Size 5 - 8 Per Pack
  • Size 4 - 7 Per Pack
  • Size 2 - 6 Per Pack