Owner Twistlock Hook

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SKU: O5132-111

All Purpose Worm Hook, with a radical Z-Lock shoulder bend, keep rigged soft plastics in place, while an extra wide gap accommodates bigger baits and offers greater hooking power. Features include a round bend, Super Needle Point and Black Chrome finish. . Features include a 30ï ½eye-bend, XXX-strong forged shank, Super Needle Point, and black chrome finish. Twistlock centering pin springSuper sharp needle pointXXX strong forged shank30 degree eye bendIdeal for weedless style Carolina Rig N and Texas Rig N of big tube baits. Owner's Twistlock Black Chrome Centering Pin Hook .  Multi-Colored Up for sale (1) Package of Owner Twistlock 1/0 hooks, 4 hooks per package.

  • Size 1/0 - 4 Per Pack
  • Size 2/0 - 4 Per Pack
  • Size 3/0 - 4 Per Pack
  • Size 4/0 - 4 Per Pack
  • Size 5/0 - 4 Per Pack
  • Size 6/0 - 3 Per Pack