Owner Twistlock Hook Beast With Center Pin

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SKU: O5130-141

This bass hook is Unique with its TwistLOCK™ “Centering-Pin Spring” (CPS – patent pending) attached to the hook eye. Baits can be “permanently” secured by inserting the pin in the center of the nose of a soft plastic, which can then be twisted (screwed) onto the TwistLOCK™ coil spring so that any bait will rig perfectly everytime! Hook’s “open “ gap allows for more positive and effective hook sets. Ideal for weedless-style Carolina Rig’n and Texas Rig’n of big tube baits and beefy soft plastics. Features include a 30°eye-bend, XXX-strong forged shank, Super Needle Point, and black chrome finish.

  • 3 Per Pack