Quaker Boy Game Call Elevation Mouth Turkey SR Old Boss Hen

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The Elevation Series Old Boss Hen is meticulously crafted of two .006 latex reeds. Quaker Boy slit the corners on the longest reed which adds realistic rasp; the Old Boss Hen is the easiest call to perform the medium rasp vocalizations of the wild turkey. The patented SealRite cushioned frame technology conforms to virtually every palate size and shape. SealRite increases the call vibration zone between your tongue and palate, bringing the reeds closer to your tongue for ease of use. The design eliminates the tab to tongue contact point, resulting in a clean operation platform. The result, a superior sealing call that is easier to achieve unmatched realistic turkey killing sounds.


  •     SealRite cushioned frame technology
  •     Conforms to palate
  •     Superior airtight seal
  •     Increased reed vibration zone
  •     Raspy tone

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