Rage Crossbow Broadheads Hypodermic- 100 Grain

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Designed to fly straight and cut deep, the Hypodermic® Crossbow Broadhead from Rage® comes packed with features to help bowhunters put big game on the ground fast and easy. A compact, expandable broadhead design made with Ferrule Alignment Technology (F.A.T.) for optimized flight performance, the Hypodermic gives bowhunters surgical precision through the entire shot. Topped with a smooth penetrating Hypodermic hybrid tip, this broadhead's steel ferrule houses 2 Slipcam® rear-deploying, razor sharp, 0.035" stainless steel blades. Held firmly in place before impact by high energy shock collars, these deadly blades expand upon entry to deliver a wound more than 2" wide for easy-to-follow blood trails. Designed to match the dimensions of standard crossbow arrow inserts, the Hypodermic is built to deliver optimal aerodynamics, velocity, and downrange energy on every shot. Shock collar design ensures correct blade retention and deployment, even on crossbows producing arrow speeds greater than 400 fps. 3-pack

  • Feature-packed, high performance, expandable crossbow broadhead
  • Compact design topped with a strong, smooth penetrating hybrid tip
  • Strong steel ferrule
  • 2 Slipcam 0.035" stainless steel blades - rear-deploying, razor sharp
  • Big 2"+ wide wound channel
  • High energy shock collar - holds blades firmly before impact, ensures proper deployment
  • F.A.T. technology - optimal aerodynamics, velocity, and downrange energy
  • Works with crossbows producing arrow speeds greater than 400 fps

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