Rapala Saltwater X-Rap Long Cast Shallow

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This shallow running model is also designed for extreme casting distances in the most demanding conditions. Built heavy and tough to target large, aggressive saltwater predators. Fish with a fast, steady retrieve for a snaking, wobbling action with minimal resistance, or jerk to walk-the-dog just under the surface with the legendary X-Rap® Slashbait® action. Fluttering down on the drop for multitudes of presentation options. Heavy hardware and super strong VMC® single hooks.

  • X Style Translucent Body
  • 3D Holographic Eyes
  • Sinking Flutters On Fall
  • Long Casting Dives 1' - 2'
  • Inshore Gamefish Species
  • VMC Tin Finish 4X Inline Single Hooks
Length Running Depth Weight
Inline Hooks
5-1/2" 1-2" 1-7/8 oz. Two No. 5/0