Rapala Xtreme Minnow - 4"

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Features Balsa body inside. Durable copolymer shell. Molded 3D head, gills and scales. Internal X-Foil. Flat-Sided with strong flash on roll. Black nickel VMC hooks. Incredible life-like finishes. 3D Holographic eyes. Hand tuned & tank tested. Technique: Casting & trolling.

The BX Minnow, like the BX Swimer, now gives anglers the option to fish a balsa style action in the most extreme, rugged conditions. Truly one-of-a-kind piece, the actions and the durability are unmatched by any other bait on the market. Plus the finishes are the most life-like yet. Designed with the clear intention that it would emobdy the tradditional attributes Rapala balsa baits are known for with the heay-duty toughness that fighting large, toothy fish demands, the BX Minnow is sure to be an instant Rapala Classic.

Rapala BX 4" Minnow:

  • Length: 4"
  • Depth: 3-5 ft.
  • Weight: 3/8 oz.
  • Balsa body inside
  • Durable copolymer shell
  • Molded 3D head, gills and scales
  • Internal X-foil
  • Flat sided with strong flash on roll
  • Black nickel VMC hooks
  • Floating
  • Incredible life-like finishes
  • 3D holographic eyes
  • Hand tuned and tank tested
  • Technique: casting and trolling
  • Available in various colors