River Bottom Flex Steel Small Hunting Ground Blind - 57" x 57" x 57" - RBGB-110

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Take along this lightweight "hide-behind" ground unit for effective hunting results, especially when hunting wild turkeys and varmints. River Bottom Blind. Flex Steel Small

  • Dimensions: 57"X57"X58"
  • Frame: Wall Mounted Heavy Duty Steel Design with 4 Fiberglass Roof Supports. 4 Total Wall Supports
  • Material: Scent Containing, Heavy Duty Polyester, Water Resistant Material with Black PU Coating on the Interior Surface of the Material
  • Viewing Windows: 3 with Zippered Flap for Total Concealment
  • Shooting Windows: 4 with Cloth Flaps
  • Cloth Flaps: Attach Using Hook and Loop for Silent Operation
  • Door: C Shaped Flap with 1 Continuous Zipper
  • Carry Case: Black Polyester Material with Back Packing Straps
  • Camoflauge: Optical Illusion with Brush Straps
  • 8 Stakes with Tie Down Poles