Shakespeare Catch More Spinning Combo 7'

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Shakespeare Catch More Fish Surf/Pier Combo:1-ball bearing reel7' medium action rod Bait consists of Berkley Shrimp and Peeler Crabs2 per-tied 3/0 hooks with mono leader and barrel swivel Five 3/0 J-hooks2 double bottom hooks rigs One jig head3-barrel swivels5 beads2 sinker slides One reef sinker One pyramid sinker Shakespeare rod and reel combo includes Stern mono filament fishing line Cast out the Shakespeare Catch More Fish Surf/Pier Combo. This combo is sure to help make your fishing trip a great success. 70, two piece, medium heavy action tubular glass rod. 50 size spinning reel with chrome plated spool. Pre spooled with premium fishing line. Complete fishing kit with Gulp saltwater shrimp and peeler crabs. Features per-tied bottom rigs, fishfinder surf rig, jig heads, and rigging guide. Shakespeare Cm f Surf/Pier Spn Combo 7'M Cmfsurf/Pier.