SPRO BB Z-1 Rat - 30

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The SPRO BBZ-1 Rat Swim Bait won Best of ICAST at ICAST 2014. This bait is designed to provoke topwater strikes from larger predator fish in both fresh and saltwater, from largemouth bass to striped bass and more. It entices surface strikes by triggering an instinctive reaction that the larger fish are looking for. This lure is not your standard, run of the mill topwater lure, as it can be used with several different techniques such as v-wake, walk the dog, or even popping. It is equipped with super sharp Gamakatsu hooks that ensure solid hooksets.

The SPRO® BBZ®-1 Rat Swimbait was designed by Bill Siemantel and is constructed with a foam-injected plastic body that creates a fish-attracting sound. For more action and increased durability, this lure includes an articulating tail and includes an interchangeable tail in a contrasting color. Equipped with extra-sharp Gamakatsu® hooks.

  • 6.25"
  • Designed by Bill Siemantel
  • Foam-injected plastic body
  • Fish-attracting sound
  • Articulating tail
  • Includes an interchangeable tail in a contrasting color
  • Gamakatsu hooks