Stanley Ribbit Frog

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It moves more water, throws more. water, and has a thumper buzz bait. noise.The Original Ribbit one of the best all time lures for catching big bass on top. It combines the action of a topwater with a weedless design for those hard to fish spots. We highly recommend rigging it with a 4.0 or 5.0 Double Take Hook. However a standard 5.0 single hook will work.

The Stanley 4" Ribbit Rubber Frog Fishing Lure is a soft plastic frog with uniquely designed "feet." It creates a realistic "kicking" action that looks, feels and sounds like a live frog jumping across the water. Besides buzzing it across grass, anglers can hop a Ribbit like a natural frog, letting it sink briefly. A Ribbit can catch fish in any cover that a standard buzzbait might work.

Stanley Ribbit Rubber Frog Fishing Lure, 5 pack:

  • Soft plastic frog with uniquely designed "feet"
  • Creates a realistic "kicking" action
  • Works in any cover that a standard buzz bait might work
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • creates realistic kicking action that looks, feels, and sound
  • Fishing; Lures; Soft Plastics
  • Stanley

The Ribbit Frog scoots, sputters, splashes, across the surface. Fish it much like you would buzz bait. The Ribbit is virtually weedless and can be worked in extremely heavy cover. Scented with garlic, this frog is going to drive fish crazy.

Reel it, Feel it and watch fish strike it! No other lure on the market combines the heart-throbbing excitement of top water baits with the fish-finding abilities of buzz baits and the weedless advantages of Texas-rigged soft plastics until now. Get ready for the Ribbit. The Ribbit is a 4-inch soft plastic frog with uniquely designed "feet," creates realistic "kicking" action that looks, feels, andsounds like a live frog jumping across the water. Bass explode on this lure!