Stanley Ribbit Hot Feet Frog

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Is a soft plastic frog with uniquely colored feet.The feet create realistic."kicking" action with an added “flash” that looks, feels, and sounds like a live frog.Rigged with a 3/0 to 5/0 wide gap hook inserted into the body.

For years, I have dipped my soft plastics to provide moreflash in murky water, heavy brush or overcast conditions, adding brighter colors to the feet gives the Ribbit moreflash, making it more visible and attracting moreaggressive impulse strikes. The Hot Feet Ribbit has also proven to be successful in saltwater fishing for redfish and trout. Rigged weedless, the Ribbit can out perform a old spoon or topwater in the shallowest conditions. Sand pockets are well known strike zones for saltwater fish. Anglers can fish shallow grass flats with deep sand pockets, letting it slowly sink into the sand pocket.

Stanley Ribbit Hot Foot Frog 4' 5ct Watermelon Red/Chart Feet Reel it, Feel it and watch fish strike it! No other lure on the market combines the heart-throbbing excitement of top water baits with the fish-finding abilities of buzz baits and the weedless advantages of Texas-rigged soft plastics… until now. Get ready for the Ribbit. The Ribbit is a 4-inch soft plastic frog with uniquely designed 'feet,' creates realistic 'kicking' action that looks, feels, and sounds like a live frog jumping across the water. Bass explode on this lure!