Strike King Compact Tungsten Casting Jigs

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SKU: SCTCJ14-101
A high-performance jig featuring a premium tungsten construction, the Strike King Tungsten Casting Jigs allow anglers to present pressured fish with a smaller profile without reducing weight. Providing superior sensitivity when compared to lead alternatives, the high-density attributes of tungsten make these jigs exceptional at transmitting all the contours of the bottom and detecting subtle bites.

Armed with a heavier wire hook than you find on most finesse jigs, the Strike King Compact Tungsten Casting Jig is built around a heavy-gauge 3/0 short shank hook that resists flexing on powerful hooksets. Finished with hand-tied silicone skirts for increased longevity, the Strike King Tungsten Compact Tungsten Casting Jigs are available in a range of proven color patterns for all types of water clarity.