Strike King KVD Perfect Plastics Game Hawg

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Looking for a creature bait that excels in heavy cover—that won't hang up on every leaf and stem it touches? The Strike King® KVD Perfect Plastics Game Hawg has a lithe, supple, totally natural build that allows it to slither cleanly through vegetation with no loss of action. With 6 appendages all working together, it's the perfect jig trailer, and can also pull extra bites on a drop shot rig. All KVD Perfect Plastics lures feature soft, salt impregnated plastic and an exclusive coffee scent that masks human scents and oils to produce more and longer bites.

  • 4"
  • 8 Per Bag
  • Strike King Soft Baits
  • Lithe, supple, totally natural build
  • Excels in heavy cover
  • 6 appendages for maximum action
  • Salt impregnated with coffee scent