Strike King Midsize Rage Bug

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Expanding the range of exceptionally popular Rage Tail Series plastics, the Strike King Midsize Rage Bug provides anglers with an intermediate profile that is perfect when the fish want something just a little smaller than the standard Rage Bug. Designed with a streamlined body and precisely placed Rage Tail Claws and appendages, the Midsize Rage Bug slips in and out of cover with ease making it ideal for flipping and pitching into cover. Built for extreme action at any speed, it produces tons of commotion any time it hits the water, and its fully ribbed body section encourages the classic crawfish glide that bass simply can’t resist. Infused with Strike King’s exclusive coffee scent formula so fish hold on longer, Strike King Midsize Rage Bugs attract fish with real coffee bean oil while also masking any unnatural human or plastic scents.

  • Length: 3.38" | Qty: 8