Strike King Rage Scounbug

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SKU: SRGSB35-100

Designed with a slender body profile so it can slip in and out of cover with ease, the Strike King Rage Scounbug is a highly versatile craw imitation perfect for flipping applications, Texas-rigging, or use as a jig trailer. Made with Strike King's custom high-grade plastic for superior action, the Strike King Rage Scounbug features patented Rage Tail technology to create a huge amount of vibration as the claw arms flap vigorously with the slightest movement of the rod tip. Complete with molded antennae and legs for added realism, the Strike King Rage Scounbug is poured with a thicker base to increase durability over multiple hooksets and allow it to be threaded on a larger hook.

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3.5" 9