Strike King Rattlin' Rage Craw

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Enhanced with rattling acoustics to help draw fish in from great distances, the Strike King Rattlin' Rage Craw features an internal rattle and two realistic claw arms fitted with the same patented Rage Tail technology that made its predecessor so popular. Unique in its ability to create a huge amount of vibration, the Rattlin' Rage Craw displaces tons of water with the slightest movements of the rod tip, as the claw arms flap back and forth to create terrific bass-catching action.

Perfect on Texas rigs, Carolina rigs, or for use as a jig trailer, this soft plastic naturally comes to rest on the bottom in a defensive craw position to provoke bites from curious predators. Made with a custom high-grade plastic for superior action, the Strike King Rattlin' Rage Craw is a deadly craw imitation for low light conditions, stained and dirty water, or anytime you need to spice up your presentation with noise.

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