Strike King Replacement Skirt with tails

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SKU: SPFT32-201

Skirt blooms wide for unbelievable action. Magic tails flow with the colors of the bait and have terrific action eliminating a need for a trailer.

The Perfect Skirt with Magic Tails from Strike King is a great replacement skirt for your spinnerbaits.  The special collar slides onto the bait easily and keeps the skirt flared perfectly during the retrieve.  The Magic Tails are skirt strands that are longer than the rest of the skirt and act as a trailer. The Strike King Perfect Skirt with Magic Tails is the ideal choice for replacing Spinnerbait, Chatterbait, Buzzbait and Swim Jig skirts. 

    Strike King Replacement Skirt

    • 2 Per Pack Skirt With Tails