Strike King Tour Grade Ned Jighead

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Designed to pair perfectly with the leading soft plastic Ned baits, the Strike King Tour Grade Ned Rig Head is the ideal jig for deploying this proven finesse technique. Perfectly balanced with a completely flat head, these jigs heads ensure that any bait will stand up vertically when contact is made with the bottom. Built around a needle sharp, light-wire sickle-style hook and wire bait keeper, this jig excels at keeping both your bait and your catch pegged. For the best results, pair the King Tour Grade Ned Rig Head with a small worm or creature bait no more than 3 inches in length. Twitch and hop the bait along hard bottoms and areas of sparse vegetation on days when the bite is tough or when pressured fish are disinterested in faster moving presentations.

  • 3 Per Pack